Monday, June 19, 2017

Old Roses

White roses, tiny and old, flare among thorns
by the barn door.
                                 For a hundred years
under the June elm, under the gaze
of seven generations,
                                        they lived briefly
like this, in the month of roses,
                                                         by the fields
stout with corn, or with clover and timothy
making thick hay,
                                  grown over, now,
with milkweed, sumac, paintbrush.
roses survive
winter drifts, the melt in April, August
              and men and women
who sniffed roses in spring and called them pretty
as we call them now,
                                       walking beside the barn
on a day that perishes.

Donald Hall
"Old Roses"
White Apples and the Taste of Stone: Selected Poems 1946-2006 

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