Sunday, January 15, 2017

Where Are You Reading? Challenge 2017 - My Sign-Up

I'm not quite done yet with the challenges! I know I should stop. Someday I will. (This is how I feel about chocolate, too, by the way, while the house remains jam packed with Christmas goodies.) Meanwhile . . .

This fun locational challenge is hosted by The Book Dragon. The main idea is nice and simple: Read a book set in a location for each letter of the alphabet. You can see all the details and join the challenge at the Book Dragon's Lair.

I think it will be fun to track locations as I go along in my other challenges. Instead of making a list in advance, I'm going to let the locations unfold from the books I've already chosen to read this year, plus a few others from the TBR list, if I'm lucky.

How much of the alphabet will I cover, without even trying? Will there be lots of S locations and no E location? What in the world will I use for the letter X? Who knows? It should be fun and that's what matters.

Now, about that chocolate . . . .

B - Boston (Life Studies and For the Union Dead - Robert Lowell)
C - Colorado (Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better - Pema Chodron)
D - Dickens (The Sellout - Paul Beatty)
E - England (Holiday - Stanley Middleton)
F - France (The Sun My Heart - Thich Nhat Hanh)
H - High seas (Rites of Passage - William Golding)
I - Indiana (Staying Put: Making a Home in a Restless World - Scott Russell Sanders)
J - Jamaica (A Brief History of Seven Killings - Marlon James)
K - Kenya (The Flame Trees of Thika - Elspeth Huxley)
L - Los Angeles (Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life - Karen Maezen Miller)
M - Mt. Ranier, Washington and various other locations (Kissed by a Fox and Other Stories of Friendship in Nature - Priscilla Stuckey)
N - Nowhere (How to Re-Imagine the World: A Pocket Guide for Practical Visionaries - Anthony Weston)
O - Oregon? (Call of the Rainbow Warrior: An Environmental Fable - Twyla Dell)
P - Prince Albert (Life & Times of Michael K - J.M. Coetzee)
S - Sanibel Island (Deceived - Randy Wayne White)
U - Utah (Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness - Edward Abbey)
W - Wyoming (Brokeback Mountain - Annie Proulx)


  1. Thank you so much for joining the challenge! As for X, Piers Anthony write a series set in Xanth ;-)

    sorry, no chocolate, I ate it all :-D

    1. What? No chocolate??? Well, maybe X will have to do. :-)

    2. I'll be going to the store later . . . .


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