Thursday, January 5, 2017

Birth Year Reading Challenge 2017 - My Sign-Up

I've got to do my own challenge, right?

And by that I mean I've got to do my own challenge. No slacking when you're the host!

Books published in (gasp) 1959:

1. Life Studies for the Union Dead - Robert Lowell (NBA Poetry winner) (review)
2. Advise and Consent - Alan Drury (Pulitzer winner) (review)
3. The Flame Trees of Thika: Memories of an African Childhood - Elspeth Huxley (review)

These turned out to be a nice mix: one from the TBR shelf, one that I'll have to buy or borrow, and one that I'm able to get from Paperbackswap, just for the asking. Also, two prize-winners from the on-going list reading project, and one just for fun.

Now to get down to the business of reading . . . .


  1. Really, just so much fun!! Thanks again for offering this. I had a copy of Thika, but the font was so weird I couldn't read it. Isn't that strange? I remember the wonderful tv series years ago with Hayley Mills.

    1. Glad you're having fun already! Maybe it's just enough push, without being too much? I'm looking forward to it, too.

      Thika isn't on any of my TBR lists but I'd heard of it (somewhere) and it sounded like something I'd enjoy, so I added it on a whim. Hope I get a copy with a decent font!


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