Monday, December 5, 2016

A Timely Gift

I am delighted to be using this perfectly sparkly tote bag for my holiday forays into the world of Christmas commerce. As a festive person who heartily dislikes shopping in most forms, this time of year can be a challenge: I need something special to ease me through the cognitive dissonance.

This tote is just the ticket, thanks to the charming Martine at Silencing the Bell. She hosted a give-away in celebration of her 1000th post (wow!) and I was one of the lucky random few to receive a gift. Thank you, Martine!

It's sober brown with golden spirals and pink satin lining, made with Martine's own hands. Naturally someone with that sort of taste is a very discerning reader as well. Give her blog a visit, when you have the chance. You're likely to find something just right there, as I did.  


  1. How lovely, Jane! I chose the paisley one and it is beautiful as well. I am behind on getting up a thank you post.


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