Monday, November 21, 2016

Two Worlds

Juniper Creek

Last week we stayed in a remote cabin in the Ocala National Forest, and filled our time with kayaking, tracking, exploring, woodcrafts, campfires, relaxing, and time with friends.

Now I've returned to the busyness of pre-holiday plans and lists, e-mail, projects, and the distractions and pressures of so-called normal life. I'm trying to maintain my cabin serenity even during re-entry. (It isn't easy!)

One of the things on the To Do list is creating our holiday card. Choosing the photos is fun and time-consuming. This is one of the leading contenders. The salt bush blooms profusely along Juniper Creek this time of year, giving us the nearest thing to Florida snowdrifts.

We had a lovely paddle that day. Holding that memory . . . .


  1. That creek scene is gorgeous.
    I would love a little holiday getaway like the one you went on. I imagine that re-entry was indeed difficult.

    1. We really enjoy taking mini-vacations whenever we can. And then sometimes we don't want to come home!


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