Friday, September 2, 2016

Just a Passing Shower

We are feeling very lucky this morning, having dodged the worst of Hermine. It's hard to imagine how such a storm could bring us only a few inches of gusty rain and an extra sprinkling of pine straw for the garden. We were lucky this time.

Our preparations involved laying in some canned food provisions: tuna, peanut butter, fruit, and soup, plus crackers, chocolate, water, and tea. Yesterday I made banana muffins and a quiche and a pot of coffee, just in case. Kayak Guy took down the ladder, the windchimes, and the bird feeders, reorganized the carport's collection of oddments, and covered the kayaks with a secure tarp so they wouldn't fill up with water.

Thanks to our camping equipment, we don't stress too much about losing power. The camp stove is always ready to go. The biggest worry is that yikes, our freezer is full! We'd be feasting the whole neighborhood if we were forced to cook things up before they spoiled. There's a long hurricane tradition of just that. Remembering friends who hosted post-hurricane steak and lobster dinners by flashlight takes some of the edge off the fear.  
Fortunately, it's just a bit breezy and gloomy, but otherwise a normal day here. We're happy to be living in the interior of the state, as any storm will lose some of its power traveling over land before it reaches us. Being on the coast is much more dangerous, when they steam in from sea.

But I feel much less secure in this manufactured home than in a regular building, especially with the threat that a passing hurricane will create tornadoes. That's something to think about for the future, as we decide if we want to live here permanently.

Meanwhile, the bird feeders are back out and the cardinals, chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, wrens, and yes, squirrels are feasting as usual. Even the hummingbird has been sighted, sipping from the pagoda plants and firebush. For them, it's just another day.


  1. I'm glad you're prepared, and doubly glad you didn't really need to be!


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