Friday, June 17, 2016

This Bit of Summer

I could have styled this photo better (just a slight turn would have covered the sink drain with a leaf, right?) but I just slapped and snapped. Obviously.

And so you get a microcosm of early summer: a surprise hydrangea, backed up with some organic tomatoes in a blue bowl, and a sweet potato and an onion in one of my favorites, a blue-and-white polka dot bowl.

The hydrangea isn't native and so I am inclined to look askance at it, except when it fluffs up these pretty pale blue or creamy white flowers, as if to woo me into having more positive feelings about it. When it's not flowering, the only reason I tolerate it is that Kayak Guy's dad probably planted it, an unknown number of years ago.

The tomatoes come from the nearby CSA and the downtown farmers market, and are so much more deliciously local than what the grocery store offers. The CSA is almost done for the year -- once this run of summer squash ends -- because the Florida growing season is essentially backwards from traditional garden timing.

The farmers market will soldier on through the hot months, but will switch over to okra and collards, two things that I like even less than hydrangeas and store-bought tomatoes. It may be a long summer.

I remember buying the polka dot bowl on a "junking" trip with a dear friend, about 25 years ago when I collected blue-and-white pottery and displayed it in an antique cupboard. Now all I really collect is books, being more inclined to shed most other possessions whenever I can. But I've kept a few of my very favorite pieces from the decorating days, and I've kept the friend, too.

Such small things, and so much pleasure from each of them. There's a lesson there somewhere.


  1. How sad, Jane, to have nothing fresh to look forward to in the summer. Is there a fall growing season?

    And I love your polka-dot bowl! I'm the same with my things - gathering more and more books, and selling off or donating or just junking a lot of my other stuff. But I would have kept the bowl, too, and I'm glad you still have the friend. Both are dulce.

    1. Harvest season at the CSA is November 1 to June 1, so we get shares then. During the summer they have fewer crops (okra, eggplant, collards, a little corn) so they just do a market. There is quite a bit of hydroponic growing here that will take us through the summer. And of course the grocery store never runs out of fresh things.

      And isn't it nice to be more discerning about what we keep and let go of - and to be on the same wavelength about it?

  2. That's interesting about the Florida growing season! Our CSA season just started last month and I'm looking forward to ask the goodies that the farmers market has. I hope you got plenty from your fm already over the past few months.

    1. We had a fabulous selection all winter and spring, so I have no complaints! It's okay to be "backwards" and summer has its rewards, too. I dried and froze peppers, yellow squash, and zucchini, so we'll have those to enjoy.


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