Monday, June 13, 2016

A Picture Explosion

I take photos and I like it.

It's fun to stop and observe, or to be suddenly overwhelmed with a particular view or a perfect angle, and then try and capture the shot.

I used to put lots of photos on Facebook, and many of my friends have remarked about enjoying my pictures. Then I would upload them to cloud storage, delete them from my computer and from the cameras, and consider that batch done.

Recently, however, I've fallen way, way, way behind at the electronic organizing and storing process.

Kayak Guy and I took a long vacation trip last August, a combination of visiting family and old friends and an extended honeymoon exploration of places we knew no one. We drove 6,000 miles in 32 days, camping and staying with friends (with a few B&B stays for variety). I'm proud to say that we stayed on schedule perfectly, standing up none of our friends and skipping none of our destinations.

(Yes, we had a fabulous time! Yes, it was also absolutely too ambitious an itinerary. We will do better next time. And by "better" I mean "less.")

But I still haven't gone through those photos yet! You can perhaps imagine what a month of photos looks like, all in a clump in my computer and cameras. Piled on top of those -- virtually -- are photos of various other adventures since then. Not to mention the photos that weren't organized before we left.

Perhaps you can imagine the psychic weight of all those unorganized photos, as well.

Any advice for me? I could sure use some!


  1. Oh, Jane, I'm with you on this. I also have years of unorganized photos, and our 25th anniversary trip to France nearly two years ago that people have even stopped asking for photos of, so I'm not sure I can really give you any practical advice.

    As you know I also have fallen behind on recording my books on my blog and that is daunting to me, but I have to tell myself "a month at a time, a month a time" and sometimes even "a book at a time, a book at a time".

    Maybe it would help you to try not to think of the scope of the entire project but just the little bit that you break off for yourself.

    BTW - your trip sounds over-the-top fabulous!!

    1. Your advice is spot on, I think. When I say to myself, hey, you didn't fall behind overnight so you aren't going to get caught up overnight, that encourages me to feel better and just make some progress.

      I am kind of looking forward to going through the old pictures and memories - if I can just get started! Thanks for the advice.

      (I hope I can keep up with book reviews, also!)


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