Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Suggestions, Please

The nice folks at World Book Night have asked me to submit suggestions for next year's books. What a fun question to think about!

I had a great time being a book giver and hope to do it again next year, maybe with a group of other givers. My book was Fahrenheit 451 and I loved every minute of the giving experience.

Here's the list of last year's books: 2013 World Book Night selections. Some really good titles here!

Here are the basic requirements for what makes a good World Book Night book:

- Accessible books of high quality.
- Both recently published books and established classics.
- Books available in paperback.
- Any genre of book—fiction, mysteries, romance, sci fi and fantasy, classics, poetry, humor, autobiography, and young adult books.
- The list overall must have gender, ethnic, and geographical balance.

Now I'm giving this some careful thought. What's a classic of modern literature that might hook non-readers and light readers into the joys of reading?


  1. Ooooo, fun. Lucky you getting to make proposals! I will have a think about it and come back to let you know if I have any brilliant ideas.

    OH I KNOW what about a Shirley Jackson book? We Have Always Lived in the Castle would be amazing for World Book Night.

  2. Excellent idea! That sounds like exactly the kind of book that would work. Thanks!


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