Friday, July 5, 2013

An Old-Fashioned Fourth

We spent the Fourth with friends, combining the festive and the local in just the right measure at the lakefront park in their community. Unfortunately, we missed the bike parade.

We were on time, however, for the concert of patriotic music by the neighborhood's "fun band."  The musicians' ages ranged from teen to retirement, and some of them have been in the band for 25 years. If Norman Rockwell never did a painting showing the various expressions of concentration, enjoyment, and surprise that musicians make while playing outdoors, well . . . he should have. 

Afterwards, it was time for barbecue, baked beans, cole slaw, sweet tea, and a tableful of homemade and store-bought desserts.  The two dogs in attendance were extremely well-behaved, and the people who arrived by boat were pretty sorry because it kept bouncing around in its moorings and having to be retied, until it grounded itself (and the father had to get in the water to free it).

When the party broke up, we visited with a new friend who showed us his fantastic arrowhead and pottery collection, all discovered while he was growing up near here. Amazing stuff.  His wife called them "your boring arrowheads," but we thought they were anything but boring. There's nothing like artifacts from a few thousand years ago to put America's 200 years into perspective.

On the way home we stopped for gelati, taking it home to the screened porch while listening to the first volleys of do-them-yourself fireworks. The weather wasn't promising for the celebration downtown, nor was the $5 parking charge, so we merely listened and kept an eye on the pets.

It never did rain, and there were lots and lots of pops and sizzles as we finished the day with candles, quiche and white wine on the porch. After all, the French supported the American Revolution, remember?

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