Saturday, April 27, 2013

Google Reader, Harry Potter, and Credit Where Credit is Due

Also known, I suppose, as a post where I just ramble on about whatever I'm thinking.

I have seen that Google Reader is going away this summer and various bloggers have written about other options for their reading lists. Now that it has come to my attention, I guess I have to figure that out, too.

I will miss Google Reader, but not all that much. It has never cooperated with me to delete any blogs I no longer wanted to read.  Some blogs just didn't turn out to be as interesting as I first found them, or they moved to other locations, or the bloggers reinvented themselves by closing one blog and beginning another, or they simply stopped blogging - but I could never remove the old or inactive blogs. It was frustrating, but I learned to live with it.

Now I have a chance for a clean slate and zero interest in another feed reader. I have begun the transition by writing down the URLs of the blogs I want to continue to follow. Next I will figure out what to do with them. But at least I know they won't be lost forever.

Of course, the listing process means I have reviewed all the blogs I've ever followed and wow, the blogging world is a fantastic one!  

A few shout-outs seem to be in order, because they have come to my particular attention just now:

Jenny over at Jenny's Books, who is absolutely passionate about literature in a way that inspires me and who has convinced me that I should read Harry Potter. I have heard it from others, but she has tipped me over the edge, at last. In the cosmic classroom, I want to sit next to her. And she has The. Most. Awesome. Post. Labels. Ever.

Oreneta of Oreneta Aground, who lives the most amazing life of painting, language, travel, food, reading, and teaching, and does it all with freshness, humor, and aplomb. She is also a Harry Potter fan. (Is there a pattern here? Yes.) I continue to hold out hope that she and I will visit in person one of these days, when the stars align.

Nan at Letters from a Hill Farm, who inspired my choice of camera and my photographs in general. She takes the most amazing pictures to document her beautiful northern life, and I owe my budding local reputation for photography (thank you, Facebook) directly to her. Without her example and her camera recommendation, that would never have happened.


  1. I am blushing mightily right now. ALSO very excited that you're going to read Harry Potter. Can I give you the caveat that they're not, like, the Greatest Books You'll Ever Read? They are sweet and fun, and as they go on you get more and more attached to the characters, plus they're very tightly plotted (mostly), and that's what makes them wonderful.

    1. Of course you can give me a caveat! I'm sure I will enjoy them for what they are. Thank you again for steering me to them (at last).

  2. My jaw literally dropped as I reached the end of this post. I can't believe it. Such kind words. I'm very, very touched.
    I've never had a 'reader.' I just keep my blog list on the sidebar, and click!

    1. Thank you, Nan, for your sensible advice. I thought of just using the sidebar method, but it seemed such an easy solution that I was afraid I was missing something.

  3. DO come for a visit!!!

    I have the fifth Harry Potter book before me in fact...and a pot of tea.

  4. Replies
    1. Wouldn't a visit be great!? We *must* manage it! Then we can discuss Harry Potter in person.


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