Friday, July 20, 2012

At the Dentist

My hygienist raises service dog puppies, and her cubicle is decorated with photos of her grown-up babies with their new human partners. I always enjoy talking with her about her latest charge.

As part of their training, she is allowed to bring them to work with her. They nap in a crate in the dentist's office, except when they come out and visit as a special treat for the clients.

This is way better, in my book, than the old days when you got a lollipop for not biting anyone.

Meet Tanner. Pictures don't do justice to how adorable he is.


  1. Oh my GOD. That is the cutest damn puppy ever. Look at its sweet little face, oh! I want a puppy!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, Jenny! He is truly adorable.

  3. I would SO be going to the dentist. Totally worth it! Already a service dog that one!!!!

  4. Totally, Oreneta! The puppy visit is always the best part, and this puppy is the sweetest ever.

  5. Better than candy! And you know that soon this puppy is really going to do more than a doggy's share in helping someone.

  6. So true, Stephanie. He is love (and cuteness) in a fur coat.


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