Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cone of Uncertainty and Other Updates

Hello, blogosphere! Long time, no post.

Not sure why I've taken a blogging vacation recently, except to say that I'm still seeking the perfect balance between digital life and analog life. Also trying to dig my way out from under a stack of paperwork, screens and screens of pending e-mails, and a personal To Do List a mile long. In fact, I've renamed the To Do List the Hydra List, because it seems that for every task I manage to accomplish, another two or three (heads) spring up in its place.

So, what else is new?

Tropical storm Debby, who was supposed to turn left and go to Louisiana, has decided to turn right (eventually) and head this way. Today was the second day of blustery rain, which didn't bother me a bit. We need it desperately!

I got my good weather in over the weekend, with a kayaking trip and a day at a rally in support of Florida's springs and their right to have a healthy flow (instead of having all their water stolen for lawns and other wasteful uses). Here's just one example of the beautiful Silver River's clear, deep water.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying another sojourn in the tropical Cone of Uncertainty. A while back I blogged about what a fun term that is: you know, it's a magic spell where the victim is rendered ineffective by indecision. But I'll be darned if I can find that post now. So, anyway, the Cone of Uncertainty is surely an apt metaphor for some occasions in my life and I'm just going to have to live it forward from here.

Speaking of life: tomorrow's my birthday! I'll be staring at the big 5-3 and celebrating another successful trip around the sun.

Not that the sun will be visible, given the weather we're having, but what the heck? I know it's out there!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Love the photo.

  2. Thank you! It was indeed a happy one!

  3. Belated B'day Wishes. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I love your description of TBD list as Hydra one. I couldn't agree more.

    And if it is not too much of a sore point, can I ask what's happening regarding the home that you wanted to purchase?


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