Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At the Center

In the Brooksville area recently, I saw this road sign, which (as perhaps you can imagine) I didn't find particularly helpful.

When I'm trying to navigate, it's never a good idea to suggest to me that with one turn of the wheel I could be going east and south or west and north on two different roads, simultaneously. It's simply too much information -- of the kind that's guaranteed to distract.

I considered this an example of how pleasantly wacky things can be when you get off the beaten path in Florida.

And then guess what I noticed in my very own urban neighborhood (definitely a beaten path) just a few days later?

Although they did manage to be a little more concise . . .

Kind of gives you that "center of the Universe" feeling, doesn't it?


  1. When you see it every day, I'm sure it seems quite normal to be going in all those directions at once. Or maybe since you know where you are , you don't really see it. Now you have!


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