Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well, That Was Quick

After all my confident talk about doing without the internet at home, I discovered quickly it was totally undoable. Folks who are successfully offline at home must have less on their plates than I have, or more free time during the day, or better time management skills than mine . . . so it didn't last long.

Now I am one re-connect fee poorer and a whole lot wiser. Lesson learned.

The good news is that quitting cold turkey broke the habit. I'm much better at controlling my mindless surfing tendencies since the break-up. So although it's a little embarrassing that my big declaration went practically nowhere, it was still an experiment worth doing.

I'm still working on the reinvention thing, though. That's still definitely part of the overall plan.


  1. I wouldn't feel the least bit sheepish! I think it's a total success if it broke you of bad internet habits, and now you are broken of those habits AND have the internet back again.

  2. Ha! You're right, Jenny -- maybe it was a success after all.


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