Friday, May 4, 2012

Title Alert

When I was in the Master of Liberal Studies program, it was an ongoing phenomenon that whenever anyone floated a really interesting, slightly (or majorly) offbeat theory about a particular work of art or literature, a murmur would run through the class.

"Topic alert! Topic alert!"

All of us, even those of us who were years from graduation, were obsessed with the idea of writing our thesis. We knew we needed a really thrilling topic that would sustain our interest for an entire semester and allow us to produce an 80-page paper that didn't cause our faculty advisor to doze off in the first 5 pages.

So whenever anyone said anything good, we would seize on it immediately. Some of us would even write the ideas down.

I don't know if anyone ever used those half-baked ideas that came up at random moments, but it made us feel good, just knowing they were out there.

I don't write many papers anymore, but I'm still practicing a similar way of acknowledging a great idea or a really clever turn of phrase. It's become a running joke with my most literary of friends, and we are having a lot of fun with it.

Now we say, "And that's going to be the title of my autobiography."

I think I'm going to start a log of them, just in case I need them someday.

I suppose I could explain how they came about, but that might spoil the fun. After all, a good title should stand on its own, shouldn't it?

So far we have:

And I Didn't Die That Time, Either

Sugared Up for the End of the World

Dunce Caps for Giants

Feel free to suggest your own in the comments! Who knows? I might like your idea even better.


  1. I am calling my autobiography 'Picking Over the Bones'. I'm just passing by from Hooking, Knitting & Livin.

  2. Love it, Angie. Sounds like you are living an interesting life!


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