Monday, March 5, 2012

Barn Cats

Being a barn cat is a good life, if you're at the right barn.

These kitties obviously have done well for themselves. What's a scratch or a nicked ear now and again, when you have rats to chase, the outdoors to wander in, plenty of pats when you feel like it, and cozy places to nap when you don't?


  1. Sweet kitties...actually, they're probably rather tougher than that, aren't they.

  2. The last one looks like she put her nose where she shouldn't. Typical kitty behavior. My brother has had barn cats for many years and they are surprisingly long-lived. Must be all the good stuff you mention.

  3. Oreneta, they are all softies (but yes, tough underneath).

    Stephanie, the last one is the king of the place, aging gracefully at 12+ years. It really is a good life.


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