Monday, January 9, 2012

Confidential to Me

One facet of this blog is its role as a diary, one of the places I write down things I want to remember. Many times I've looked back through old entries and been reminded of things I'd forgotten (most recently: the clever remark made by the airport shuttle driver in New Orleans).

Apropos of that, here are a few things I want to remember, even though they didn't fit into my previous posts about New Year's:

Host, calling out to his wife, as guests arrive: K., B.'s here with a beautiful woman!

Later, while kayaking:

Q (with extreme tact): How much paddling have you done?
A: Um, this is the most, right now.

And also:

Q: I can't see him anymore. I think he's turned off his light.
A: Well, that wouldn't surprise me.
Q: Oh, so you've known him long enough to know that?
A: Yeah -- but that only takes about 15 minutes.

Other little bits of the weekend:

A celebratory kiss in the car at the end of the journey. Loading kayaks in the dark when your fingers are numb is exhilarating!

The tone of awe folks used to describe a previous bonfire that included the Christmas tree. Apparently a well-dried Christmas tree produces a dramatic torch effect. You either move your plastic chair well away from the fire or risk melting it.

The fleeting deliciousness of wedding-cake flavored vodka -- palatable in tiny quantities only.

Cinnamon raisin bread, homemade by a good ol' boy from his mama's recipe, hand delivered on a holiday visit, slightly warmed with butter or cream cheese, shared with affection, consumed with reverence, and delicious enough to make the heavens open and the angels sing.

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