Friday, November 18, 2011

How Are Your Candles?

Don't look now, but it is the middle of October and the Birth Year Reading Challenge - 2011 Time Machine ends on December 31st. I don't want to scare you, but do you have any idea how quickly December 31st will arrive?

You can join the challenge as late as November 30th and still be eligible for the various prizes. Even reading a single book earns you a prize, so ignore those 2012 challenges that are already floating about and pull together a late entry for this one instead!

Some folks have been reading like crazy, some have been reading in moderation, and some have been straggling along (like me -- straggling along is definitely my category). Click here to see how everyone is doing.

Whatever your pace, please let me know if your candles are not up to date.

And keep reading! There's nothing like a looming deadline to deliver a shot of adrenaline!


  1. I am yet to light up my candles!

    Where has all the time gone?!

  2. Still some time before the deadline, Neer, but I agree, this year has f-l-o-w-n by!

  3. So, I've been stuck here for a while now. I even had a pair of long vintage stockings on the needles. Sadly, they are no more...socks have risen from the pond. And I despair of finding the books I want to read for my year. I think next year I'll move about 30 years ahead!


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