Friday, August 26, 2011

Catch as Catch Can

Quite by accident, I've discovered a surprising number of my colleagues are cat people.  Many of the library staff have been taking turns feeding the campus cat and her kitten. One of the deans has been helping, too.  I've been keeping an eye out, although I've drawn the line at food (just because food tends to lead to a higher profile, and sometimes a low profile is a good thing for a campus cat--not everyone is a cat lover, although I can't understand why not).

Collectively, we decided that to maintain our credibility as cat people we should be trying to move the kitten into an inside home, and see if the mom is amenable to the same thing. At the very least, we should spay the mom and tip her ear so she can continue to live on campus without any family ties and be recognized as a bona fide resident.  All my colleagues who are in the loop have promised to help finance the project.
Yesterday was trap day.  Tuna works wonders!  Little Miss Adorable succumbed to the lure of tuna in less than two hours.  I took her off to the vet for a check-out.  She weighs 3.7 pounds and was pronounced basically healthy except for some fleas and a few facial abrasions from banging into the trap (poor little thing). She was a little angel once we got her wrapped in a nice safe towel, so I am hopeful that a little kind handling will show her that humans aren't really all that scary.

We have a foster home lined up and I'm betting that person will fall totally in love. I mean, really, who could resist this face?


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  1. All our kitties have been strays or SPCA gifts.
    We are down to only one cat and keep debating if we want to get another one, but we don't think our old girl would be happy. Glad you dodged the hurricane.


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