Friday, August 5, 2011

At the Garden Store

I went on a plant binge. What can I say?  That dreary backyard was starting to wear on me.

At the native plant store, it was (to say the least) lush. A lot of native plants are interesting because of their leaves, not necessarily because of their flowers. But plenty of them have interesting flowers and fruit, and they are so much better for the ecosystem because they support the native wildlife. It didn't take long to realize there were many happy bees and butterflies hanging around

I had done some homework in advance, so I had an idea what I was looking for, but once I arrived I was paralyzed by indecision. Brain overload! Too many choices!

Fortunately the folks there took pity on me, made helpful recommendations, stayed within budget, and even loaded up my new friends for the trip home.

Whereupon I arranged them in the backyard in a configuration I couldn't really see from the windows.  Oops.  

Seems the things I want to disguise (ugly chain link fence sections not covered by vines) are mostly out of sight anyway.  A little redistribution of the pots did the trick.  Good thing I didn't put them in the ground before I checked the view from indoors!

Photos of the completed planting to follow. By the time I finished the digging, I was too exhausted to take any pictures.

But the birds showed up right away, so I must have done something right.




  1. I love a trip to the garden store almost as much as the book store.

  2. Oh, a trip to the garden store! It's hard to hold to the list there. So many wonderful plants. Interesting to have a native plant store. Here we have to research and think about what we want that is native. Then not be side-tracked by all the cool stuff that isn't native.

    Happy planting.


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