Monday, July 25, 2011

I Love My Home, But

There's always a catch, isn't there?

In the course of doing yard work, I discovered I am living in the middle of palmetto bug heaven. The backyard is full of them, and some of them are grandmas and grandpas, judging from their size. This being Florida, it's not that big a deal.  If only they would stay outside, all would be well.

Recently I've had enough stragglers in the house that I decided it was time for the Bug Man. The Bug Man did a thorough inspection and confirmed that yep, I have some access points.  No surprise there.

He also found that a mouse or rat has been in my AC closet. Surprise!  I won't be opening that door again anytime soon.

He also found that there are active termites in my bathroom window frame.  Surprise!  Now I know what that black dust was on the bathroom counter.

Fortunately, the landlord has been very receptive.  Soon the Bug Man will be implementing his plan for creating a line of defense around my home.  Meanwhile, I am hoping and praying there is no tent in my future.

On the other hand, maybe Christo would be interested.  It's a smaller scale than he is used to, perhaps, but he's got the wrapping thing down. Maybe he could use it to say something about the economy.


  1. Those tents do make the neighborhood look very festive. Now, if only, everyone didn't know what they were all about. They should just think 'circus'.

  2. Cristo might do it prettier anyway!


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