Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Frozen Vegetables

Brrr! Things are chilly in Florida these days! No snow, although I swear I saw flurries last weekend. It wasn't raining, exactly, but it was misting and I saw little moisture bits floating and blowing around. They weren't falling, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, a second set of hard freeze nights has arrived, which is a big deal here. The more tropical aspects of our vegetation simply can't take it. There are sure to be a lot of brown banana plants and puddled scheffleras soon.

I put sheets over the garden plot, prompting C.S. to inquire whether I was hiding a body under there.

This spate of cold weather comes smack in the middle of our good growing season, so it is rather a drag. Fortunately, no damage yet (touch wood). The sunflowers have buds on them, and the lettuce is happy.

The freeze has been hard on my neighbors' tomatoes, though. The Yankee in me thinks this is a shame, not that I would know what to do with unripe tomatoes. But abandoning them to freeze and rot just seems wrong.

Other neighbors have been successful with the plants that like cold weather. The broccoli and cabbages are going great guns. Stay tuned for a whole separate post on the exuberance of peas. I'm taking notes for next year.


  1. Good luck with the plants....we have heard that it is COLD down there. Brrrr. Does look a little like you're hiding something doesn't it. There are things you can do with green tomatoes, including frying them, and if you sit them in the window they might ripen. I think you can also make a chutney/preserve/relish from green tomatoes as well.

  2. Interesting to read about your gardens this time of year. There are some challenges and successes I see.


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