Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Z-Pak, Day Two

I managed to partner up with a lady with bronchitis at a workshop last week, and guess what? By the end of the second day I had a sore throat, followed by all the other fall cold symptoms in their usual progression. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, I hope to be on the mend soon.

Feeling under the weather didn't stop me from having a fabulous weekend, though! C.S. and I headed to Atlanta for work and fun, respectively. I visited with both of my daughters who make this mom's heart grow at least three sizes (just like the Grinch's). That involved a house tour, meeting the new grand-dog (who already weighs 45 pounds!), a dinner of good food, lots of laughter and family stories, and an art show visit.

It was a quick trip and I mostly crashed on Sunday, feeding my cold. Then C.S. and I spent Monday tooling around the quaint little town of Mt. Dora, Florida's antiques and cuteness capital. It has an entire bakery for dogs only! The corresponding cupcake store for humans was closed, alas.

We were having so much fun that we didn't take any bloggable pictures . . . except this one of a storefront in Mt. Dora. Every book has a title on the spine! The building now holds a Segway store, but clearly at one time it was a much loved bookstore. I'm so sorry I never got to visit it. It looks like my kind of place.


  1. Love that picture!

    Also:Please stop by my blog and pick up your Elmer's Virtual Bag to help Adopt A Classroom. I checked out the link and it looks legit.

  2. Hope you beat that cold...sounds a nasty one. Love the jury story a few posts back. Did they get their snack?

  3. Thanks, Bev, I'll check it out.

    Oreneta, glad you liked the jury story. It was so late at that point, the judge sent them home for the night. They finished deliberating the next day.

  4. Thank goodness the cold didn't slow you down. It sounds like tons of fun.

  5. lots of fun!! thanks for such a great visit.


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