Thursday, September 30, 2010

Off to the Manor Ball

I've been working way too hard of late, so it's high time for some frivolity and repartee. I'm a little nervous about my first appearance at Willow Manor's annual shindig, to tell the truth. It's pretty fast company over there. But the lure of dancing and dalliance is too difficult to resist.

With little time to shop, I begged my Fairy Godmother to do the honors. Bless her, she showed up in the nick of time. And she's thoroughly embraced the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles of Earth-friendliness. She's even blinking me over to Willow Manor, so no worries about my carbon footprint.

Don't wait up for me, now.

Better yet, why don't you come along?

I'm wearing this (it's vintage)

topped with this, to keep off the chill (it's made from recycled cassette tape and videotape!).

I'm carrying this (it's handmade from an original art canvas)

and dancing in these. They are made of chocolate! My Fairy Godmother says glass is so Last Year.

Photo credits and websites:
Dress: artwork by Lauren Maurer of laurenspaintpalette, discovered on; dress may be available at Dear Golden Vintage
Bag: Virginia Bryant of AnonStudio, discovered on


  1. Your dress and shoes are dreamy. I want to eat those shoes. Are they edible?

    The cassette coat -- amazing! I hope you had a fantastic time. I knew that fairy godmother was earth friendly, I just knew it. And no wasted gas getting there!

  2. To continue ruth's line of thought, the pumpkin coach must be compostable after the ball.

    Who would have thought that a cassette tape coat could be so elegant? The lining transitions beautifully with the lavender dress and shoes. A beautiful ensemble!

  3. Ruth, I see you went vintage as well with your ensemble. Lovely! And yes, my shoes are completely edible. You've heard of the practice of drinking champagne from a woman's shoe? This is the modern equivalent.

    Clover, thank you. I hope you will visit the Manor and see what everyone else is wearing. There is a Mr. Linky and much lively talk in the comments.

    Dutchbaby, you are so right about the pumpkin coach! This coat is amazing, isn't it (if I do say so myself)? The cut of the thrifted coat underneath gives it a beautiful line. But your tone-on-tone dress and coat are to die for as well! What a fabulous color combination.

  4. This marvelous shade is just perfect on you, daaling! And the COAT. The coat is to die for!! Maybe you'll forget it when you leave?

  5. I'm so taken with your gorgeous outfit,,,and all so green yet!
    Harry said he'd love to grab a dance with you, but just now he's missing again. That man is so sneaky!
    So nice to meet you!

  6. How totally responsible of you to consider our environment on this special evening. Everything about you is perfection ..... cheers.

  7. very lovely! What a picture you make!

  8. Thank you, thank you, you are all too, too kind! I will be circulating around the room soon to visit with each of you.

  9. If you can dance in heels that high, I'm impressed! I need ballet flats. Lovely dress.


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