Friday, August 20, 2010

Quiz for Today

C.S. was in D.C. recently and toured some rather unusual sites that are not on the customary tourist trek.

1. Do you recognize these steps?

2. How about parking pier #32?

(scroll down for answers below)

Come on, take a guess. It's D.C., remember. (That might help with the second photo, anyway.)

1. Steps where the priest fell all the way down in The Exorcist.

2. Parking garage location where Watergate anonymous source Deep Throat (Mark Felt, Sr.) met Bob Woodward to urge him to "follow the money."


  1. I didn't recognize the steps, but I did figure out the parking garage. Love Watergate trivia, and All The President's Men is one of my favorite movies.

  2. Got #2 but not #1...I have to watch more movies, but I am still not sure the Exorcist is on my list.


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