Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wait, I Thought I Was Speaking English

Me, on the phone to the local grocery store: Do you have a program to recover the shopping carts that leave your property?

Clerk: No, we just send someone to pick them up.


  1. Doy! You just can't respond to something like that, can you? Kind of like when the lady asked my daughter at the bakery if those cookies had dairy in them, and she said, "Yes, butter." The lady then said, "Is that dairy?"

  2. Er, okay, maybe that's too random to be considered a "program."

    Hula Girl: Of course, with so much fake butter going around these days, the stuff in the cookies might not even be food, much less dairy. :-)

  3. What would we do with a perfectly transparent language?
    I'm still assimilating the idea that anyone would have an employee called a 'cartherd'.

  4. Wonder what he thought you meant. Maybe he thought you meant did they have the sort of program that equipped the carts with little motors and homing devices so that after a certain amount of time has passed they come trundling back to the grocery store all on their own.

    ...The image of dozens of grocery carts trundling along the streets of their own accord IS AWESOME.

  5. Hehehehehe

    Nice picture too, love the yellow!


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