Monday, May 3, 2010

Just One More Challenge (Then I'll Stop)

I admit it. I have trouble saying no.

This was fun last year, so that's one good reason to sign on again. Also, 2011 sounds like a very long time in the future. I just set a dentist's appointment for November 2010 and that seemed rather ridiculous. This deadline--April 2011--is even more so!

Courtesy of Elena at All Booked Up, here are the rules:

1. All books must have come out before 1440, when the printing press was first invented.

2. Books chosen for this challenge can overlap with other challenges.

3. Books can be translated into the language of your choice.

4. All the books you've chosen must be read by April 30th 2011.

5. You can read 1-3 books, 4-6 books, 7-9 books or 10 or more books if you're feeling particularly ambitious.

6. The choice of books is up to you. There are no set reading lists, and you don't have to set one when you join.

7. Post your blog address where you'll be posting your comments on your choice of books in the comments of this post when you join, and tell me how many books you've chosen. I'll set up a link to participating blogs from here.

8. Above all, Have fun.

Here's my very achievable reading list:

1. Xenophon, On Horsemanship (Greek, 350 BCE)
2. Venerable Bede, Ecclesiastical History of England (English, c. 730 CE)
3. A collection of Anglo-Saxon writings (yet to be determined, but definitely English, c. 400-1066 CE)

Late addition:

4. Herodotus, The Histories (Greek, c. 443 - 420 BCE)


  1. Glad to see you had fun last year. Can't wait for your reviews as your choices look very interesting.

  2. Elena, now all I have to do is track them down and read them!

    Oreneta, should I venture into Herodotus? Are you recommending from experience or pushing me into the unknown?

  3. You are the challenge queen! Where do you find the time?

  4. Just in bits and pieces, Hula! Setting goals helps me squeeze in an hour or so of reading per day.


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