Monday, April 5, 2010

Collectible Romances

At the book fair, we picked up a catalog that featured early 20th century romance novels. Apparently these are quite collectible because while many were published, few have survived in good condition. Libraries generally wouldn't take them (they were considered "below the literary standards" of most libraries) and readers usually didn't keep the dust jackets. So when you get a nice copy with a nice dust jacket, you really have something.

If you're interested in these, check out the shop, Between the Covers.

I wasn't interested in the books, but the descriptions in the catalog were a hoot. Apparently romance novels haven't changed all that much over the years. Just a sampling:

Fiddler's Coin (1934) - Young couple separate for a year as a trial, she for a year of gay parties, he to drive a taxi in New York, where he meets a cabaret dancer.

Juliet is Twenty (1926) - Impetuous Juliet can't decide between career or love.

After Such Knowledge (1960) - Young women marries beneath herself, is launched on New York society, goes to Paris and has an affair. Also some other stuff.

False Faces (1934) - Group of women marry men they don't love, one of them tries an alternative life.

Two Keys to a Cabin (1936) - Young woman prepared to wed the man everyone expects her to marry, meets a handsome young doctor; complications ensue.

Tomorrow Comes Never (1939) - Holly gets the glamour boy she wanted, learns to regret it.

Over Life's Edge (1922) - Women dressed only in seagull feathers washes up on the Cornish coast, as usual.

Around the World: A Sparkling Romance (1929) - Penniless and homeless girl in search of her family identity travels the world with little more than a good attitude.

Houp La! (1929) - Wild romantic comedy about a girl-shy English Lord who gets drunk, kidnaps a bunch of his leisure-loving friends, sails around, eats a lot of eggs (the only food packed for the voyage), and finally works as an elephant's waterboy for a shipwrecked circus on an Australian Barrier Island where he falls for a beautiful bareback rider. Then the novel begins.


  1. Congratulations! You are #1 on my pay it forward list. Please email your snail mail info to, so I can send you your gift. Thanks for playing along!

  2. Hehehehehehe! Those are hilarious. Not sure I'll be taking up collecting them, but still!


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