Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two of the Next Household Words

If you don't recognize the names Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta, today's a good day to remedy that little gap in your knowledge. Even if you don't follow Thoroughbred racing, I recommend that you check out these two wonderful female athletes.

Rachel Alexandra embarrassed the top fillies in the country last May in the female equivalent of the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Oaks. In the Preakness, she beat the top colts, too. She did it again in the Haskell.

Zenyatta is an older mare and she's beaten the boys, too, in the biggest race of the year, the Breeders Cup Classic. In 14 races, she hasn't lost yet.

For now, which one is better is pure speculation. Maybe this year they will race against each other for the first time and we'll get to see how they stack up.

Meanwhile, their separate 2010 debuts are live on the internet TODAY at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time. Click here to see that.


  1. One thing I can appreciate about living in Kentucky-horse racing! Aren't they beautiful animals?

  2. I know NOTHING about this.....going to have to go and find out some more....


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