Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Success at the Book Fair

For the second year in a row, C.S. and I took in the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair in St. Petersburg.

Last year the shock value was greater. We were wowed by all those great (expensive!) books in such a beautiful setting. This year, we knew what to expect. We came prepared with our lists and a few fistfuls of cash money.

You can just barely see it in this picture, but on the bottom of the steps that come down from the second floor, there was a guy sitting there reading. I guess he couldn't wait til he got home.

The Coliseum is lovely inside, especially when it's filled with books, prints, and some other collectible ephemera.

This is right across the street, and they offer free lessons, but we didn't have time to check it out. Too bad.

When I got back from taking the exterior picture of the Coliseum and the Lawn Bowling Club, C.S. was admiring his purchase. It's on his National Book Award finalists list, and he's never seen a copy before, anytime, anywhere, much less a first edition copy in such excellent condition.

I guess he couldn't wait til he got home, either.

Come to think of it, neither could I. Here's a pristine hardback copy of the Canadian edition of The English Patient, an upgrade for my Booker collection.

And this is an $8 beauty that will make a fun gift for a friend of mine who is quite the cowgirl. I remember reading this book--Smoky, the Cow Horse--as a kid. Now it offers a jolt of nostalgia, courtesy of Will James, a funky cover (no dust jacket), and some color plates mixed in with the black and white illustrations.

In case you are wondering, no, C.S. did not bring home any of the book money he took along, although he did stay within budget (barely).

As for me, I am very pleased with my purchases but my socks didn't get knocked off. You could say I had a fairly typical shopping experience: When I have cash money, I hardly ever spend it all.

It's when I don't have any money that the really tempting stuff shows up.


  1. Ha! I'm with you. I only want to spend money when I don't have it. Great purchases. I especially love the illustration in the last book.

  2. I so want to take up lawn bowling, I figure it is one of the few sports where I am still early enough to get in very young!!!!

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