Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet Teddy

I meant to do a bang-up post on my tentative re-entry into the horse world, but I haven't managed to write it yet (even after becoming more and more immersed in this hobby/lifestyle over the past 2 months), so I guess it will have to be piecemeal.

My re-entry started with the idea to volunteer with a horse rescue and sponsor a rescue horse, as a way of getting my feet wet. I rode as a kid and as an adult, and it's never gotten out of my blood. When I found some spare time, I decided to have some fun with the horse thing again.

The rescue horse I sponsor is named Teddy. His real name is Roving Eye. He was quite a fancy racehorse back in the day. He won a race at Aqueduct in New York in 1999, and put up some good speed figures. They were probably thinking about the Kentucky Derby for him, back then. But something derailed his racing career (probably injuries) and he wound up stuck out in a field, half-starved and with some major medical issues. Somebody noticed and cared, and he came to the rescue barn.

Three months ago, just after I started sponsoring him, Teddy was having serious issues with his feet. He developed extremely painful abscesses in both front feet and we were afraid he was getting laminitis, another kind of excruciating internal hoof inflammation. The old saying "No foot, no horse" was almost literally true in his case. His feet were so painful that he could hardly bear to stand on them, and bedrest simply isn't an option for horses. It was touch and go from day to day; he was right on the edge where it would have been a kindness to put him out of his misery.

And then, in October, he turned a corner. His special diet seemed to take effect. He had a couple of medical breakthroughs (literally! the abscesses worked their way to the surface and burst open, which sounds nasty but is actually what we were hoping would happen), and x-rays showed he had not developed laminitis. The farrier applied some special, very expensive shoes that give him extra support, and he was able to go out in the pasture. Now he is feeling wonderful and the cold weather has made him quite frisky. Aren't you glad he pulled through? I know I am!


  1. What a wonderful story! My father in law has horses and they are truly special creatures:)

  2. That's him? He looks great! Glad he likes the weather....the dog loves it when it is cooler too.....

    what a great thing to be doing!


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