Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brand New Eve

In honor of paying my last car payment, I decided to add a full interior and exterior detail to Eve's most recent scheduled maintenance, which also included new tires. Ouch for the cost of the tires. But the detail? Best $80 I ever spent.

I must say, Eve is looking mighty foxy these days. Her windows are clear. Her dashboard is no longer dusty. Her seats are shampooed. Her trunk is vacuumed. Her hood no longer conceals two bushels of dead leaves. Her fenders are glowing. And C.S. is getting tired of me saying things like, "Who's got the cleanest, shiniest car in the State of Florida?" He suggested I blog about it. I suspect he's secretly hoping that after I tell everyone, I'll shut up about it already.

Seriously, the detail worked wonders for both of our dispositions. Plus, thanks to her expensive new shoes, Eve no longer sounds like a truck.

Make that the cleanest, shiniest, quietest car in the state of Florida.


  1. Sweet! I'm all about driving a paid for car until the wheels fall off. I hate a car payment.

  2. Can I ask a stupid question I have always wondered about? What exactly does detailing involve? I have often seen signs for it, but just don't know what it is.....

  3. Hula, it's great when a car is really "yours," isn't it?

    Oreneta, there are different levels of detailing, but it's basically all the inside and outside cleaning to make the car look good: wash, wax, buff, shiny spray on the tires, vacuum, shampoo carpets and seats, shiny spray on the plastics, clean the windows, dust out all the little nooks and crannies, find the stray French fries under the seats, etc.

    Almost like having a new car again! I could do it myself but the pros do it so much better.


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