Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Post-purr-tum Depression

I miss the yellow kitten. I miss her little questioning face. I miss her cheerful attitude. I miss the way she used to snuggle under my chin. I miss her little soundtrack of trills and purrs and mews.

She went to her new papa on Sunday and I've been a little bit mopey ever since. I know she will have a great home--he is already crazy about her--but I'm still a little sad.

C.S. coined the "post-purr-tum" phrase for my emotional dip (clever, isn't he?). I think you could also call it an episode of sep-purr-ation anxiety. I want the yellow kitten to be happy and grow up as the queen of her own household, and I know she and her papa are a good match. But it's still hard to let go.

Meanwhile, the Princess is much happier not to have to share her guest room with a little intruder. She really, really likes being an only cat and the focus of all my attention and affection.

It's the right result in the long run.



  1. Sometimes the right decision isn't the one you want to make. Kind of sucks when that happens.

  2. Purr-fectly poised is the kitty in the window. Letting go is the reason I could never foster animals or children. I just get too attached.

    PS-The boarding report card at the vet has three boxes: I was an Angel, I was Good but Ready to go Home and I was A Little Devil. Jack has always gotten good report cards, so we were a little amused at Sabrina's "devil" card. It seems she's coming along in her affection for us but still lacking some manners when dealing with the vet staff.

  3. I'm feeling a bit better about it as time passes. Knowing she is launched into a better life makes it easier to cope. It helps to hear stories about her when I bump into her papa at work.

    The Princess's attitude helps, too. She is all "good riddance!" about it.

  4. Aww Big hugs to you! I know how quickly one can become attached to a furry friend:)


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