Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Minor Tragedy

In the shopping rush last week, I picked up a few things for myself. Does everyone do this, or is it just me? Usually my impulse control is pretty reliable, but in December, once I open my wallet, watch out!

(I should probably qualify this "splurge" by saying it cost a total of $25.00, including shipping.)

I am addicted to this particular substance. It turns hot dogs and sub sandwiches into food fit for a queen.

(photo from

But I haven't been able to find it in the stores here. The one local sub shop that carries its equivalent makes an otherwise unremarkable sub, one that's hardly worth eating just for a fix. So in the throes of selfish impulse buying, I tracked it down on-line and ordered the minimum (4 jars).

My splurge arrived yesterday.


Double uh-oh.

Enough to bring tears to a grown woman's eyes. And not just because of the fumes.

Fortunately, a refund for this casualty is on its way. I will probably just put it back in my wallet, selfish splurge season being over and all.


  1. Ohohohohoh, I can relate to the sadness of that, there are still three jars anyway. They didn't pack those babies anywhere tight enough.....the puzzle looks great...the Mona Lisa here is going pretty slowly, the kids are not motivated with it....too hard.

  2. Uh-oh. At least you didn't order just one jar!


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