Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where I'd Rather Be

It's all sunshine and palm trees here, with "cooler fall temperatures" in the high 80's, which probably makes anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line jealous right now. This weekend it is predicted to get chilly. That would be in the low 70's during the day and the 50's at night.

"Chilly" is a relative term.

With my thin Florida blood, I'm donning sweaters and turtlenecks as soon as the thermometer dips below 70. I love those kinds of clothes and never miss a chance to wear them.

Meanwhile, this photo shows where I'd rather be. This is a shot from the webcam at Plymouth State College in Plymouth, New Hampshire. I lived near Plymouth for two years, ten years ago, and fell in love with the climate. Even the snow.

Don't we always want what we don't have?

I got C.S. hooked on watching the seasons change via this webcam. We watch for the first fall color, the first snowfall, and the first spring day that you can't see the sidewalks anymore because the trees have leafed out at last. We sometimes see the students having a prayer meeting on Sunday mornings under the trees, standing in a circle and holding hands. We often see games of catch or football. Occasionally a snowman appears. It's a great window.

Now C.S. and I are relishing the last of the fall color. It sure beats the heck out of palm trees.


  1. I'd be jealous except we're having an unusually warm week, upper 70's, with lots of sunshine. Can you recommend a webcam in Key West I can get addicted to?

  2. I now have to go and search for a webcam in Toronto!

    Goodness...except it is far too late for that right now.


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