Monday, November 23, 2009

Charm Overdose

Is there anything more adorable than a friendly little kitten? My two foundlings have added a lot of joy to my life already.

This baby went to her new moms Friday morning, after I only got to spend one night in her happy presence. It was love at first sight for them, so I have a good feeling about this outcome. And they live right across the breezeway from me (in my former apartment!), meaning I will be able to keep an eye on her from afar.

Meanwhile, this baby is still staying in my guest room. C.S. was here for the weekend and enjoyed a lot of kitten time. She is very affectionate.

C.S. kept teasing her by asking, "Could you just stop purring for a moment?" and of course she couldn't. If anything, she purred more. She purrs if you look at her. She purrs if you talk to her. Whatever you do, she purrs. And boy, is she loud. Like a little diesel engine with clattery valves.

In case you are wondering, I didn't mean this to be a kitten bed. But the first few nights I kept her in the bathroom for safety, and she kept pulling the drawer out to sleep in it (even though I had provided several very acceptable alternatives). Having the drawer out blocked me from opening the door into the bathroom. Imagine my surprise that first morning when I found she had barricaded herself in!

Now that the drawer's been removed, she still likes to nap in it.

And you know what it's like to be a kitten. A nap can come on rather suddenly at any time. Even right in the middle of a major session on the Turboscratcher.

Yep, she's out like a light.

I have a couple of leads on a home for her. One of them is a professor. I think she would make a great professor's cat. She looks smart enough, doesn't she? Goodness knows she's lovable enough for anyone.


  1. so glad that one has found a home...the other is so so so sweet...nothing like a nap when you need one!

  2. You stole my idea for an all-kitten format!

    But who's complaining? They are both adorable. I'm kind of sorry they both found homes and we won't get more pictures.

    Too cute.


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