Monday, October 5, 2009

File This Under "Unintentionally Funny"

It doesn't take long to get out of the city here and start seeing those homemade roadside signs that indicate watermelon, sweet corn, oranges, or strawberries ahead. Heck, sometimes it's even fresh shrimp (on ice) sold out of the back of someone's pick-up truck.

I always enjoy seeing the signs, with their earnest pitches and folk art. They tend to occur in sequences, too, because one sign just isn't enough to get you to pull over.

Today's sequence went like this:

Beef Jerky

Turkey Jerky

Gator Jerky

Cowboy Jerky

Do you think they use real cowboys?


  1. It would be perfect with one more sign, for those of us old enough to remember, that says BURMA SHAVE.


  2. OH man I would have been ALL OVER that Cowboy Jerky...wait was that x-rated just now? ...

  3. That is hilarious.

    One of my favorite things about road trips is keeping track of the funny things people sell as you drive along (eggs, rabbits, flowers, outboard motors, etc.). I've been known to keep track on a list that becomes a "poem" of the vacation.

  4. Maybe this weekend I'll stop and get some cowboy jerky, if the signs are back. (I'm not even sure what it is.)

    The latest addition to roadside sales around here is a giant plywood crate with "Buy Me" and a phone number spray-painted on the side.

  5. Ha! Those are funny.

    It's really scary when they sell "fresh" shrimp out of the truck of a car in western Kentucky, nowhere near an ocean.


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