Thursday, September 17, 2009

Washington 2: The Supreme Court

One of the sights we saw in D.C. was the Supreme Court. It was Labor Day, so the building was closed, although I imagine the law clerks were toiling away behind the scenes somewhere.

If this was my workplace, I might never want to go home. But that's a fantasy of power and prestige. It's probably an office much like any other, except with statues, fancy architecture, and a major bird net. Can't blame the birds for wanting to be close to where the action is.

The Capitol is right across the street, so from these steps you get a great view. We were pretty sure that building was closed, too, and we didn't walk over to find out. At that point (Day Three) we were not doing any extra walking, having already logged about a thousand miles on foot. We just gawked from afar. In D.C., "right across the street" can be a looooooong way away.

In deference to our tired feet, we sat on the steps for a while and just soaked everything in. It would have been even more fun to be at the Court the following day, when I imagine there was a lot more pomp and circumstance as Justice Sotomayor was formally sworn in. I heard a news report--which now I can't find, or I would link to it--that described the brief ceremony, after which the Justices retreated behind their red velvet curtain and "could be heard talking and laughing." Imagine that! Just like real people (who have a really fancy office).


  1. It is a looooooong way just across the street there....


  2. Oh yeah. "How far is that?" quickly became a very important question!

  3. J.G., when are you going to get to the beermosas?

  4. I think it's fun to sit/stand on those grand steps. Perhaps, because they're so iconic from the regular news coverage there.

    How about the Holocaust Museum? Did you stop by there, too? That's my favorite of the things I've seen so far in DC. There is so much more I'd like to see when I go back. So much history, and so little time!


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