Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nature Moment

(shoe included for scale)

Isn't this moth magnificent? I wish I could take a decent picture, particularly because this visitor was as big as my hand. Perhaps Santa will bring me a better camera for Christmas.

Meanwhile, check out those antennae! Moths aren't as happy-go-lucky as butterflies, somehow. But amazement overcame any vague sense of creepiness once I spotted this guy/girl hanging out on the breezeway.

I think this is an Imperial moth. Although the pictures in my book don't match exactly, that's the closest photo i.d. I could find.

Feel free to correct me if you know more about the Lepidoptera family than I do.


  1. I love moths & flutterbyes ...

  2. Wow. He looks enormous. I wish I knew more about moths/butterflies.

  3. Ironically, we just saw the most beautiful green moth in our garage this weekend.

    BTW-cute shoe.

  4. We have lots of butterflies but I haven't seen any interesting moths around. Until this one, that is.

    (Shoes are Isaac Misrahi for Target; I wear them all the time.)


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