Monday, August 24, 2009

Mask Making, Part 2

Here's the mold you get after the whole Vaseline and plaster experience:

You roll out a big glob of clay like a pie crust, press it into the mold, and coax it out again (hoping you don't rip your nose off in the process).

Then you have to pick out all the little white bits of plaster and sculpt all the parts that don't have enough detail, like around the eyes and nose.

Then you make leaves and berries and whatnot from other pieces of clay, decorate the mask with them, and bemoan your lack of artistic talent. (Well, that's what I did.)

Here's the finished product, ready for firing. C.S. says this is C-R-E-E-P-Y. He thinks it looks like a death mask.

Don't tell him I'm planning to slather it in buttermilk and let it get all mossy, a la Martha Stewart. Growing moss in Florida is a snap. No artistic talent required. Thank goodness!


  1. I like it. I'm interested to see what firing does to it. Are you glazing it?

  2. Cool, I was thinking maybe a Chia face?

  3. No, Hula, no glazing. The teacher showed us how to paint it after firing, but I was too busy making leaves to pay attention.

    Ruth, your "chia face" description fits exactly. All along I have been thinking dirt and moss to make it look aged and soften the details.


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