Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Information, Please

I just discovered the joys of Google Reader and the "next" button. Time will tell if they are permanent additions to my repertoire or just temporary pleasures.

But last night, I received this message when I pressed "next":

Congratulations, you've reached the End of the Internet .

And then, because I couldn't resist clicking the link:

The End of the Internet
Congratulations! This is the last page.Thank you for visiting the End of the Internet. There are no more links. You must now turn off your computer and go do something productive. Go read a book, for pete's sake.

Am I the last to know about this? (And should "pete" have been capitalized?)

The web address is, if you want to see for yourself.


  1. Never seen it before, I think it's hilarious and yes, Pete should be capitalised in my books.


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