Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Themed Reading Wrap-Up

I know I'm a few days early, but I've decided to call this one right now. I made a classic amateur's mistake of leaving a big book for last. No way am I even going to attempt to read War and Peace by July 31.

This was my first challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Choosing the theme was great fun, and I have lots of unused themes in mind for next time. It was very motivating to read on a deadline. It was kind of nice to have limited choices, when it came time to decide what to read next -- instant prioritization! And it feels really good to have cleared those books off my shelf and off my conscience.

Naturally, I have a few ideas for improvement, too. Next time, I might read all the thick ones first, or at least be extra careful to plan something skinny for last. I might choose fewer books. I might choose fewer oldies, mixing in some newer classics.

That said, 8 out of 9 ain't bad!

And I know I'll get to War and Peace eventually.

Themed Reading List: Guilty Conscience Books (Feb. 1 - July 31)
(with links to reviews)

4. War and Peace - Tolstoy


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  3. Great theme! Many a challenge has been lost by a looooong book.

  4. congratulations on finishing so many books!! Wow, I'm totally impressed! Looking forward to having you back next year...sign ups will probably start in January :)


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