Thursday, July 30, 2009

Froggy Morning

Guess who was looking in my window on a recent sunny day?


  1. Ha! It's been a froggy week all over.

  2. He looks friendly. I like how his legs are transparent in the sun.

    I also enjoyed seeing the wonderful photos of your lovely mother!

  3. He was so fast across the screen, I had trouble getting the camera quickly enough.

    His body was almost transparent, too, though it doesn't really show here. Just a bit near his "armpits."

  4. Hello little froggie, aren't you cute?

    Any word on Doc Halladay going to Boston? Veto is in his pre-mourning stage. I'm having a hard time not tap dancing in the kitchen.

  5. Good morning kermit!

    When did that course on the mask start?

  6. The mask class isn't til August 15th and 22nd. I am busy psyching myself up to stay calm with all that goop on my face.


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