Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shopping the Dumpster

Now that I've successfully moved, I can start accumulating things again, right? Here's a find I made while taking out the trash.

It was sitting on the ground next to the dumpster, along with a computer monitor and assorted other household items, none of which was nearly as interesting. A good scrub and you can hardly notice that this nifty item is slightly off kilter. (I'm thinking a few more bottles of wine will balance it up.)

I'm not sure I would ever actually go into a dumpster after anything attractive--it would have to be something really good--but stuff at the curb is definitely fair game. I once picked up several pots-full of wonderful landscape plants that had been set out as trash. After I installed them in my front yard, it was quite amusing to see my distant neighbors do a double-take when they recognized their plants. I bet they were thinking they gave up on those beauties a little too soon. Either that or they were thinking I was some kind of wacko.


  1. Ha. My husband suffers from the same disease. I have to keep him away from the curb on trash day. Lord help us if the neighborhood yardsale is underway.

  2. I did actually dive into a dumpster on more than one occasion. Once in an outrageously classy neighbourhood on the Chesapeake, gated and all....I still have some of those clothes. Can I just mention that they were both washed and ironed before being put in the dumpster? Can you imagine ironing clothing to bin it? OCD.

  3. My husband too is a trash picker; in fact I will be posting about it soon, ha.

    This is a cool wine rack. I'm always happy with my husband's finds, I just slide down in the passenger seat when he's doing his picking.

    Funny about the plants and your neighbors!

  4. So glad to discover it isn't just me who finds treasure in the trash now and then! This was even more of a problem when I had to drive the trash to the town dump. There were always finds to be had there.

    Now, please do share the intriguing details.


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