Thursday, May 7, 2009


I know C.S. will want to tell you himself but I can't resist dropping a little hint . . . . He is doing something very fun tonight, something that involves music and a last-minute ticket for a seat in the second row!

He has received plenty of advice about how to have a good time.

When he was dithering to me on the phone about whether he would be too jet lagged to stay up late tonight (and by "late," we mean midnight or so), I told him, "Good grief, don't be so middle aged!"

I also reminded him that the last time he went to a concert, he probably held up his lighter to signal an encore, but I hear people use cellphones for that now.

And when he was talking to a 20-something on the shuttle bus from the airport, the 20-something recommended he arrive at the venue early, "so you'll have time to get your groove thing on."

I haven't heard from him lately, but I bet that's what he's up to.


  1. Oh, yeah. Cell phones replace cig lighters and flashlights for missing keys.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, J.G. I wish I had more time to visit others... Maybe when I retire!


  2. I wonder what getting your groove on involves?

  3. Mary, nice to see you here! Hope you can come visit again when time allows. :-)

    Oreneta, like you, I can't wait to hear what that means, exactly.


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