Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Report

Well, you are probably bored silly hearing about our whirlwind weekend, so I promise things will be back to normal after this. Just hang in there!

We completely fell off the photography wagon today, with little to show for our continued dining and touring efforts. We had a wonderful breakfast at Junior's Diner, where the theme color is orange and your waitress is guaranteed to call you "Honey." Our table was so small that when the food came, I had to use the Sunday paper as a placemat and be extra careful not to spill anything on the funnies. The breakfast was fabulous, as usual, including the lightest and most delicious biscuits and gravy this side of . . . Heaven?

Then we were off to Leu Gardens where I dragged C.S. all over tarnation, pointing out special spots of interest, like where yoga class takes place. I think all that walking definitely counts as exercise, even if we weren't wearing the proper workout clothing. It is lovely there.

We had a private tour (because no one else showed up at the appointed time) of the Mizell-Leu house, which was built in 1888 and still has most of the original detailing. Imagine living in a two story Southern vernacular house on 40 lush lakefront acres!

We took in many other sights around town while doing some window shopping, from fancy Winter Park to the mall, and finally to Target to buy a pickle jar, followed by a weirdly-timed 3 p.m. lunch at Five Guys. (Yes, more burgers.)

Upon our return home, I immediately put the pickle jar to good use. As you can see, I didn't style this photo at all. The strange white shadow at the bottom of the jar is the pickling spices, tied up in cheesecloth.

Now all I have to do is wait two days to see what they taste like. C.S. is glad he won't be around for that part. He hates pickles!

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  1. Only two days?

    I love pickles, you'll have to tell us if they are good.


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