Tuesday, May 26, 2009


No, I didn't run off to Oregon with the aspiring marijuana farmer I mentioned the last time I posted, which was right after The Dead concert in Denver a couple of weeks ago. Admired his entrepreneurial spirit, but he didn't know Saturn from Jupiter. And, anyway, I'm long past that stage of my life. I haven't drowned in the XX inches of rain we've had in So. Fla. the past week or so, either.

Nope, still alive as far as I know. Just feeling quite a bit guilty for not making a single contribution to what is supposed to be a joint blog. J.G., bless her heart, is doing it all. (Did she tell you we're gonna hook up tomorrow and move her stuff from one apartment to another?) At any rate, I promise to do better, check in more often.

And I also promise to finish that Jean Stafford collection of short stories I've been reading for, what, the past three WEEKS? I told J.G. it might be time to photoshop cobwebs into our "Now Reading" books, considering how long they've been collecting dust in their cubicle off to the right.

I'll write again. Promise!


  1. Good to hear from you again, dead head or not ;-p

  2. Don't worry -- if you can't find that particular pot farmer, we have plenty of them out here in ore-E-gone. Dead Heads too . . .


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