Thursday, May 14, 2009

Potentially Overscheduled

C.S. will be here for the weekend and as usual we have spent a lot of time this week talking about the things we want to do while he's here. So far (and it's only Thursday!), we have:

1. Tour a possible new apartment for me. It's right across the breezeway from my current place, but a two-bedroom. New carpet, Pergo wood floors instead of vinyl, new stove, an extra room, and more closet space! The current special move-in rate means that during the first year I would pay $100 less per month than I am paying now for my one-bedroom. So who knows? I might have a dining room again soon (the dining room has been my office for the last 5 years).

2. See the new Star Trek movie. You couldn't tell it by looking at us, but C.S. and I are both footsoldiers in the Trekkie army. The last movie we saw was Wall-E, so we are on a roll with the science fiction/special effects/fun summer flick genre.

3. Attend law school graduation. Some of my friends are graduating this year, and it will be nice to watch the ceremony instead of participating in it. Last year I was nervous enough about becoming a YouTube moment by, say, falling down on stage, that I didn't quite get the full effect.

4. Watch the Preakness. We are very excited about the talented Rachel Alexandra's chance to run with the boys.

5. Eat at our favorite hot dog stand. Hands down, the best dog ever, and a friendly family joint, too.

6. Eat at our favorite tapas restaurant. Fancy, just to balance things out.

7. Visit the gardens where I take yoga class. I rave regularly about how much I like it there, so I figure we have to go, just so C.S. will know what I am talking about (and then I can shut up, already).

8. Get some exercise. Definitely necessary in light of #5 and #6.

9. Shop for a bookcase. Yes, I am hitting the limit on the bookcases I have, despite my best intentions to reduce my personal library. I tend to buy bookcases that require assembly, which I am fine with. But with the last bookcase I had to unpack the pieces in the car and carry them up the stairs one at a time, because the complete box was too heavy for me. That's where C.S. comes in.

10. Work on our "other blog." It's a big secret for now, but we have an idea . . .

Good thing C.S. arrives Friday, to give us a head start on all this.

Addendum (upon further reflection and prompting by C.S.):

11. Drop in on our favorite wine bar. One-ounce samples are the best way to taste.

12. Have dinner at our favorite modern/American restaurant. Not only is the food great, but the decor is cool also.

13. Try the black sticky rice dessert at the local Thai place. I had it the other day and was amazed. It is really black (black as black beans, black as eggplant), it comes in a slab with coconut milk and fresh shaved coconut on top, and it's warm. Not at all what I expected, but incredibly good. I told C.S. he had to try it. Maybe I'll even take a picture this time.

Are we fixated on food, or what?


  1. Other blog? Hmmm. You have just reminded me that I haven't eaten yet at my favorite hot dog place which just reopened after its annual winter hiatus.

  2. Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead! (Even if you don't get to everything on your list.)

  3. Weren't we also planning to go to Spice and the wine bar?

  4. C.S. is right! Now you know why I have to write everything down. I can't even remember to do the things I want to do.

  5. I got a COMMENT BUTTON!

    I am so delighted. I have felt like the kid on the wrong side of the fence....and right when I am feeling so nosey.

    Apartment for me? my apartment.....

    I am just going to spit this out and say it, cause there ain't no other good way.

    Aren't you guys, you know, a pair/partners/whatever is the current PC term?

    Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick here, but now I am a-wondering.

    Feel free to edit/delete this comment....

    Naturally feel free to send me a great big Bronx's cheer and tell me to go jump in a freezing cold northern Ontario lake if that is what you feel the urge to do too...

    Just being nosey.

    You do sound a wee bit overscheduled but I think it's a fun bit of busy-ness....

  6. Well, Oreneta, since you asked: We are definitely an item (how's that for an old-fashioned word?), but we don't live in the same city. Someday we hope to solve the geography problem. Perhaps in a neutral location! Meanwhile, if it ain't broke . . .

    Glad you have you back!

  7. AAaaaahhhhhaaaaa! I didn't realise you were in different cities. All is much much clearer now. Thanks from a nosey blog buddy!


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