Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Time, Not So Much

Oh, my heart was going pitter pat when I opened the latest swap book that arrived in the mail and saw this practically pristine copy of Larry's Party, a hardback upgrade for my Orange Prize collection.

I was holding my breath as I peeked inside and saw that yes, it's a first edition!

I may even have felt a few tremors in my fingers when I checked to see what a fine/fine copy of the first edition is worth.

I got a good laugh about it, too. This baby is worth . . . can you guess? . . . $1.00.

This time the joke's on me!

(Can you tell I also collect souvenir pencils?)


  1. What is that lovely looking silvery paperweight on your desk?

  2. You are in pencil heaven :) I love collecting pens and pencils ;)

  3. That is a funny story! There are plenty of "First Editions" on my shelves that aren't worth anything. I was talking to the rare books guy at Powell's one day and he reminded me of the obvious -- EVERY book has a first edition, but most never have a second.

  4. Oops :) Oh well, you can always claim, "But it's a first edition!"

    Hilarious about the pencils. Do any of their erasers still work?

  5. Orenta, I've had it for years . . . maybe there's a post in it?

    DeSeRt RoSe, agreed! Pencils make cheap, portable, and useful souvenirs.

    Rose City, I never paid any attention to such things until C.S. got me started on it.

    Red, yes, some of the erasers still work. The cat likes to lick them, which doesn't help. (Not sure what that's about--flavor, maybe?)


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